(Signs are now in the windows of the Hughes Lofts at 209 East Main Street. Come pay us a visit. Take a tour. Or…for that matter…just look at the photos below and get a pictorial of what is going on inside. Follow along…)

Editor’s Note:

The doors will be open soon.

On Tuesday, construction crews were busy working on many of the entrances and doorways into and out of the new The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

Signs have gone up in the front windows of the Hughes Lofts, signaling the coming of an era and a new private club dedicated to the Thoroughbred industry, right in the heart of downtown Louisville.

Work began on framing up the main doorway into The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s premises on the 2nd floor. Craftsman, woodsman and master carpenter John was fully engaged in a custom built entry.

The new doors to The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s “Library” were hung with care on Tuesday, as well.

The “Library” doors were designed specifically to give a professional, warm, and prestigious feel and touch as you enter one of the facility’s most secluded and quiet private rooms.

While the room will be fitted with TVS broadcasting the race; the room is already equipped with a high-grade, high-definition surround sound speaker system; and a betting machine will be dedicated for the use of those wanting to visit and hold up in the “Library,” it will be a more serene environment.

Book shelves will border some of the walls. And, guess what? We have some very special “books” and “catalogues” — gifted to us from a special friend — already being shipped to our location. Soon, they will reside in the “LTS Library” for your perusal.

A fireplace will add a touch of “home.”

And, an old-fashioned “barn door” will slide apart to allow entry into the adjoining “LTS Dine Room.”

The “LTS Library” is a must see.

And, on Tuesday, work continued on the “LTS Rooftop Bar” and “Conservatory,” too.

Soon, the “Conservatory,” which will be easily accessible off the “LTS Main  Room,” will be enclosed. Doorways swinging open to the “LTS Rooftop Bar” will be hung. A spectacular ceiling will be dropped into location. And, it too, will be ready for you to come; sit for awhile; take a load off; and visit.

Betting machines will be added to the “Conservatory,” as well.

Here’s the latest looks. Come check us out.

Soon, our doors will be open.

For real.

And, for you.

(John — our artisan craftsman — is working on framing up the main entrance into the The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s entrance foyer)

(An assortment of looks at the new doors that give access to the “LTS Library. A look from the main room in. A look from inside the “Library” out. A close-up. A long view. Any way you cut it? They are beautiful.)

(The floors of the “LTS Library” are now ready to be stained, and the wood panels on the wall are ready for their new coat of paint. Wait until you see this finished look.)

(The Audio/Video speaker system is being installed throughout the complex. All done in the “LTS Library.)

(The LTS’ new General Manager, Mary Painter, gets a look at her refurbished surroundings. The LTS’ Main Room is ready for floor stain and the bar is ready to be finished out.)

(LTS’ Main Bar cabinets are now snug in their beds, and the wall in-between will be fitted with a 4-plex TV system.)

(A look at the LTS’ “Main Bar” area.)

(Work continues on the “LTS Rooftop” as well. Framing is gong on Floor 3 of the Hughes Lofts and has begun on the “LTS Conservatory,” as well.)

(Soon, work will begin on enclosing the “LTS Conservatory” area. It is just a step away from the “LTS Main Room.”