Editor’s Note:

Last August, I got to take the trip of a lifetime. An amazing journey that filled the heart and the soul with one terrific sight after another. A look into the mystic. A look at a land untouched and unharmed by human hands. A look at yesterday, today, and, hopefully, tomorrow.

There were so many natural waterfalls that we lost count. They fell from the cliffs and the heavens with majesty and force that rocked your mind and your body.

The sheep and the horses roamed untamed and unfettered, and nourished on the greenest, deepest pastures of grass that I have ever witnessed. Any where. Any place. It remind me of the passage: “To lie down in green pastures…”

The dogs tended to the cattle and gathered them up at night. Nature. Natural.

The horses were small in stature, but hearty in heart. The gait was both fun and brisk as they carried us into the mountains edge and to the basement of yet another fallen water sky. And, to watch Leigh Ann try to ride was a laugh that will never stop.

The amazing Puffin flew as fast and furious as a fighter jet.

The black sands were awash with sleeper waves jettisoned ashore by the angry North Atlantic seas.

The hot, spring waters bubbled up from the land and provided both heat and amazement. To soak in their healing powers was a day from heaven.

The glaciers were so real that you could almost touch them. Well, you could touch them. And, they spread across the mountains in a way that reminded me of how Donald Trump’s hair flaps across that skull of his.

The chunks of ice that the glaciers shared with us, looked like ice cubes for God. They bobbled and tossed and may their way to the ocean’s shore where we could rest upon their huge bodies.

The air was clean and brisk and felt so good to breath.

The water was so pure and clear and felt so very good to drink.

The landscape was breathtaking and not one piece of litter touched its’ skin. Not one. Not one.

The volcanoes still rise from the ground and overlord the land below.

The old lava rock, now covered with a slippery green moss, still reminds of how this land rose from the seas.

The lighthouses still light the way.

The churches still stand and show the way.

Last August, I got to take the trip of a lifetime — organized and planned by both my beautiful bride and our Aunt Kelly.

Last August, I got to take a tour through heaven itself.

If you get ever get the chance, do not pass up the opportunity to go to Iceland. Despite what the name may suggests, it is one of the most amazing and beautiful sights that you will ever see and remember.

At the end of one day, our group of six friends and family, rolled into a little village along the sea and peeled our way out of our van. As soon as we looked up and into the bluest sky ever brushed by the hand of God, we were welcomed by two of the most amazing rainbows to ever grace a skyline.

They went from sea to mountain base. One end of the rainbow touched into the water like a Puffin finding a fish. The other swooped down and fell directly into a golf hole as delicately and precisely as a shot spun into the air by Tiger Woods, himself. (They have so many golf courses in Iceland that it is truly amazing, too.)

If you ever needed to go and find four pots of gold? This was the time. And, this was definitely the place.

And, in this place, I would not doubt that the Leprechauns had taken up residence here. This would be the place for any of us to take up residence.

This was our feel-good photo then.

This is our feel-good photo today.