Editor’s Note:

It doesn’t get any better than this.

It really doesn’t.

On Saturday — the day after Christmas 2020 and the day after Santa had dropped off his gifts of love to children all over the world — my Mom, my daughter, my son-in-law and one of my three grandsons got to come to The Louisville Thoroughbred Society for the first time.

It was the best of times.

My 90-year-old mom got to tour the facility and the place where I have spent much of the past 41/2 years either building a dream or a building. It was great to give her a tour and show her all the things that have come together. And, it was great for her to meet all the friends and family that piled into our building on Saturday to watch and enjoy the Kentucky-Louisville basketball game on some TV screens and some of the nation’s best races on some other TV monitors.

She loved it.

My daughter, Alex, and her husband, Evan, also got to visit and tour the LTS for the first time. We got a chance to visit and enjoy a day together. Life and times have made that far more difficult that it should be in 2020, and I am hoping — and pledging — to do better in the New Year. As much time as I have spent on LTS, I now plan to spend on family. Soon, kids. Promise.

They loved it.

And, or course, little Mac got to make his first visit. And, there is little doubt. The little man was the hit of the day. For hours, he ran around — meeting new people and making sure they all knew how darn cute he is. For hours, he climbed up in people’s laps and put smiles on all faces — with his own bowl full of jelly. (He likes showing his tummy.) And, for hours, he pulled a hand and took off in pursuit of the LTS’ antique Roulette table.

He loved it. Just loved it.

And, of course, Pops loved it, too. More than you can tell, to be sure. But the smiles moved over the butterflies and helped make this Christmas one of the best ever. As in? Ever.

Just take a look. You will see why I loved Saturday at the LTS.

(My grandson Mac discovers the Roulette Table.)

(Mac and his great, great-grand-mother take a peek at the best toy in the land)

(Mac takes his turn at trying to pick the right color and number that the ball will find next)

(Mac and his Dad, Evan, took many a walk. They loved it all. Loved it.)