Editor’s Note:

It is Christmas Time of the Year. And, no matter what your faith is or what you believe in, you must admit that we all could use a little more jingle in our bells after this 2020 calendar.

We need faith to carry us on and help us believe that there is a better tomorrow than the yesterday’s of the past year. We need faith to believe that the vaccines will help us overcome this dreaded COVID-19 pandemic and will help stop the onslaught of deaths and misery that has been wrecked on our families. We need faith to believe that we can find a way to love one another, just as ourselves, and treat our neighbors — of all colors — with love and compassion. I believe.

We need hope that we can put aside our political differences and begin to work together for a better United States of this America, and not one so divided on all issues and all fronts. We need hope that we can find common ground on uncommon issues that will enable us to be our best, and not cripple us into living examples of our worst. We need hope that all God’s people — red, yellow, black and white — are all truly precious in everyone’s eye sight. I hope.

We need love. Most of all, we need to love. We need to love our friends, and, more so, those that are not. We need to love our family, and, more so, those that are not — by helping raise everyone up when they are down and helping to cure them when they are hurt. We need to love our precious animal friends, who find a way to love us unconditionally. Can we find such love? Can we find a way to express that kind of love? Can we demonstrate that type of love? I surely hope so.

And, the greatest of these is love.

So, over the next week, I will select a few photos that capture my faith, hope and love. I will share them on this page in hopes that it will brighten your day and days to come — as they have mine. I will put them here so that we can pause for just a moment — in these most hectic of times — to celebrate; give thanks; and be joyful. These photos make me smile — inside and out. I hope they warm your heart and souls, too.

I hope they bring joy to your world.

This is my prayer.

Today’s photo gift?

All wrapped up — with a big bow — is a photo submitted today by my great friend and horse partner, Lori Hebel-Osborne. It is a photo of our 2YO filly Diamond Solitaire, who I write about often on these pages, and her new-found buddy, Kayzie. Kayzie is a German Shepherd rescue that Lori just brought home a few weeks ago. We got to meet her about a week ago, and she is precious as the day is long. Sweet. Loving. Kind.

Today, the two of them — as different as any two individuals on the face of this green Earth of ours — shared a moment and a kiss.

If they can do it?

Can’t we?

It is our Christmas Card — from us to you — for the day.