(Petrus in the G1 Saudi International Handicap today / Coady Photography-VidHorse)

Editor’s Note:

It took them awhile. The weather in the United States of America turned a difficult trip into a near-impossible one. The delays and the quarantines turned a long trip into a multi-day journey.


They are there.

My great friends, Megan Devine, and her significant “significant other,” Kurtis Coady, have arrived for this year’s Saudi Cup. And, once again the dynamic duo has turned their eye for the horse into an artistic expression that is hard to match.

We will be supplying you with some of the amazing photographs that Megan and Kurtis have captured and have shared with us — thousands of miles away.

They are worth more than a thousand words. They are worth remembering, saving, savoring forever.

But, then again, that is exactly what these people do every single day. They capture the moment. They save it to their cameras. And, they share with us. And, for those of us on the receiving end? We are blessed.

Today’s reel:

(Mortajeh, in race 3 today / Coady Photography/VidHorse)

(Motawariyah, in race 6 today / Coady Photography/VidHorse)

(Zhabi Alhammad in race 7 today and part of the International Jockey Challenge / Coady Photography/VidHorse)


(Petrus in the G1 Saudi International Handicap today / Coady Photography/VidHorse)