The Founding Members of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society — Gene McLean, Mike Schnell and Dave Steinbrecher — all spent Thanksgiving Eve at 129 East Main Street looking, reviewing, preparing and designing the historic location and looking well into the near future.

And, just like the beautiful and warm sun beating down on the grounds, the future is bright.

“This is going to be a really neat place when we get it done,” said Schnell, who co-owns the former Fetzer Building along with his partner Dave Steinbrecher.

Really neat, indeed.

On Wednesday, the group met with a couple of architects and two other interior designers to walk-through the property and detail what the facility will look like when fully completed and open for business as the new home of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society in 2019.

The group roamed and discussed the premium dining and meeting room space, with the historic subway brick starting to shine a little bit whiter now that several layers of paint are now nearly removed in total.

The group stopped and stared at the general venue area, and chatted about where the audio/video equipment would go; where the new bar would be constructed; and where the new furnishings would be settled.

The group relocated to the back of the building, and the area closest to Washington Street, and discussed how the mood of the interior would transition into the city’s first and foremost premium Cigar Bar.

And, it didn’t take a lot of imagination to envision the historic site turning into a new, living, breathing building — full of both people and fun.

Here’s a little glimpse at the activity on Wednesday:

(The main floor of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society is now completely gutted and awaiting a transformation into a major entertainment zone. On the top row, Founding Members Dave Steinbrecher, left, and Mike Schnell, center, chat with Tony from Bayus Design Works about some ideas / Photo by Gene McLean)

(Meanwhile, construction crews continued to put down rebar and prepare for concrete pads to be installed next week for a newly planned parking garage that will be squeezed in-between the Ice House and the historic Hughes Building. The top level of the parking garage will provide The Louisville Society with a rooftop, open-air bar and entertainment area, and an ideal location for the premium Cigar Bar smoking pavilion. As soon as more designs of both the indoor and outdoor areas are complete, we will provide further details. Photo by Gene McLean)