(Trainer Bob Baffert and his 7th Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit / All Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note: 

As the song lyrics go, “There has to be a morning after.”

Such is life after the Kentucky Derby, too. Even if your head begs for aspirin, and your eyes for more shed than light. Even if your handicapping is hanging over more from ineptness than mint juleps. Even if your hat or bow tie looked so much better on Saturday morning than Sunday coming down.

And, our very own Holly M. Smith was on the backside of Churchill Downs to capture both the glory and basking in it; and the disappointment and the explanations for downtrodden-ism.

Here’s some of her looks:

Team Bob Baffert & His “Spirted” Medina Spirit:

Essential Quality: 


Monomoy Girl: