Thought of the Day: What Does This Portray?

(The cover photo is of Stormy Daniels, as she arrives for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 11, 2007 in Los Angeles. Matt Sayles AP)

(Footage Courtesy of Flashdubs and

In a lighter moment, we are wondering if you would take part in an informal survey? We were wondering if this is footage is most symbolic of the following (Please choose one):

  1. Jay Bilas’ mind when Duke loses in the NCAA Tournament?
  2. Bob Baffert being invited to serve as a Racing Steward at Santa Anita?
  3. Rick Pitino’s reputation as a “Hall of Fame” coach and his career?
  4. What BBN does when they find out that John Higgins will be “reffing” the UK game against Arizona in the tournament? Conspiracy? What conspiracy? Who is looking?
  5. The office morale in the White House?
  6. The chances of Stormy Daniels being invited to the “egg hunt” at the White House on Easter?
  7. SB 1 (Pension Reform) in Kentucky?
  8. My chances of being invited to serve on the Kentucky Racing Commission?

Let us know your thoughts.

Now if Frank Stronach really wanted everyone to pay special attention to the Pegasus, he could whack takeout rates for betting on races during that one day only. Imagine the impact that would have.

Dan Liebman, Columnist for “The Pressbox,” in writing about the $16 Million Pegasus World Cup
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