I guess the song is right. We all do need a little rain sometimes.

A lot of rain? Maybe no so much.

Tremendous wind and storms? I could do without.

But thank goodness I’m not in charge of the weather. If you think global warming is bad — and, it is — then you should not see what I would do with the temperature controls.

But I guess, looking on the bright side of another gloomy-like day, the rains do beget flowers. And, flowers beget nectar. And, nectar begets humming birds. And, humming birds are the only bird that can fly forwards and backwards. By the way, I just learned that this weekend from Uncle Bill. He was proud to pass along that factoid. I was proud to accept it.

So, we have that going for us. Right?

It might be another day to handicap for an off track, but I sure hope that it doesn’t knock you off track. It’s another glorious day to have a glorious time.

Here’s a look at my view today. With a computer screen dialed into TwinSpires.com.

Can’t beat that combo. Not even at a McDonald’s drive-through.

(Photos by Gene McLean)