(The sun was shinning bright on Diamond Solitaire this week)

Editor’s Note:

Can you sing? Hum? Carry a tune?

It is Holiday Season, or near enough, that I can always find a channel on the Sirius radio that has a few of our traditional Christmas Carol specials tuned up and ready to go. One of my favs is “I’ll be Home for Christmas.” No matter the artist. Just love the tune.

On Tuesday, I had the song blaring when the van pulled up. I thought it appropriate.

On Tuesday, I was singing; humming; and tapping my foot — all at the same time — and I am proof positive that the musically-challenged can still enjoy a good tune.

Tuesday morn was home delivery day, courtesy of Warren Vans and our very own trainer / delivery man Stephen Lyster.

On Tuesday, our beautiful 3YO filly — Diamond Solitaire — arrived back home from the Training Track in Lexington to Deerfield Farm in rural Oldham County for her winter break.

While she isn’t the best homebody in the world, and she will certainly tell you when she is more than ready to return to her daily ritual at the racing oval, this is her annual time to kick back, relax and get a taste of home cooking from “human mom” Lori Hebel-Osborne, who has been her primary caregiver since about Day 8 of her life.

In her case? Her bit can be worse than her bark. If you know what I mean.

Over the past two racing seasons, Diamond Solitaire has done quite well. Our little Indiana-bred filly is multiple Stakes placed and now has made four appearances in the winner’s circle for our group of merry owners.


We are hoping for bigger and better in 2022. We are hoping that Diamond is ready for that, too. Most of all, we are happy that she stays healthy and happy.

But for now?

She is home for the holidays, and it was sure great to see her.

It was just enough to make this old man in the spirit, without the benefit of spirits. It was enough to make this old fella in the mood for good.

It was enough.

And, it was just the reminder that I needed to make me realize, yet again, just why I own a racehorse.

Especially this racehorse.

She has a way of making me smile.


She has a way of making even me sing.

Here’s a few looks at Diamond, as she is unloaded off the van and arrives home for her extended stay:

(Diamond Solitaire arrives home for the winter break)