(Diamond Solitaire after getting her bath this morning)

Editor’s Note: Diamond Solitaire Returns

It has been a long, hard winter of many discontents.

We had the Covid pandemic to battle and the promise of vaccinations to only anticipate their arrival.

We had the shutdowns and letdowns.

We had the clouds of winter and the snowflakes of disappointment cover our heads.

We had so many struggles and few things to celebrate.

But, you know what they say, don’t you?

Hope does spring eternal.

And, Spring launches hope.

This morning, co-breeders and co-owners David and Lori Osborne and I travelled up to Lexington to watch our 3YO filly Diamond Solitaire get her first 4-furlong breeze since her return to serious training about a month ago.

We were hopeful that our Stakes-placed homebred would brighten the day. We were hopeful that she would return with both flair and fervor. We were hoping she would flash her 2YO spirit with a dash of more size and strength.

Needless to say, we were hopeful.

And, you do know what they say, right?

Hope springs eternal.

Spring launches hope.

And, there’s nothing better than a pretty filly with a great work to make you warmer on the inside, even if the wind still reminds you that Winter was not that far away.

Today, we smiled. Maybe for the first time in a long time. Maybe inside as much as on the face. Maybe with with a sense of what might be as what we might have seen.

Diamond Solitaire worked out brilliantly. And, as a result, our trip to Lexington worked out brilliantly, too.

In about a month, we hope, Diamond Solitaire will be ready to return to action at Indiana Grand in Shelbyville, IND. It is one of the best racetracks in the country, and one of the best kept secrets in all of the Thoroughbred Industry.

In about a month, we hope, Diamond will be running for real. Again.

In about a month, we hope, we will be racing. For real. Again.

But, for one day, we got a chance to watch, see, and dream. Again.

The sun shined brighter and felt a little warmer.

Our hope was springing eternal. Again, too.

And, Spring launches hopes.

Here’s a look at our hopes and dreams: Diamond Solitaire…


(Julio got a new rider up and Diamond got a new lead rider to the track on Saturday morning. Owner/Breeder Lori Hebel-Osborne got a leg up and a chance to lead “OUR” filly to the track)

(Lori and Julio take Diamond Solitaire to the track)

(Diamond surveys the surface)


(Catch Diamond in action by clicking on the link above)


(Diamond returns to the barn area after her breeze. Check her out by clicking on the link above)

(Diamond was spectacular on Saturday. Before. During. And, after her breeze.)

And, the Newest Addition to the Lyster Stables Barn:

A baby goat was born on Wednesday and now has a new residence at the Lyster Barn at The Thoroughbred Center in Lexington. What a cute one.