Santa Anita

Editor’s Note: We didn’t have any photos of Santa. So we went with one of Santa Anita. Figured it might work.

Every day, we scour the work tabs at racetracks all over the country.  We are looking for workouts that may be of interest and helpful to you — as both race fans and handicappers.  Some of the horses we will be tracking, you will know.  Some of them, you may not know — as of yet.

  1. Rudolph, an elderly gentleman in human years but a spry young guy in reindeer games, blew out this morning in preparation for his annual trek across the sky tonight. The clockers got him going a brisk half-mile from the North Pole to a nice drinking establishment just down the road from Santa’s humble abode. Got a shot of courage and then back to ready himself for tonight’s “big race.” While strong in nature, the drink is not thought to be performance enhancing.
  2. Donner, a steady workmate for Rudolph for many years, worked in tandem with his more popular roommate this morning. The two head-bobbed to the wire in perfect harmony. Just wanted wanted to see, as he steamed up the binoculars in the clocker’s stand. As soon as the two pulled up, the jolly, ole’ soul was heard to say: “That was just what I was looking for. They were well in-hand. They looked like they were going so easy. Then I looked at the watch and saw the time. Wow. Just what I wanted, though. Couldn’t be doing any better. All our work here is done now. It’s up to them.” Ever heard those words before? Sound familiar?
  3. Blitzen, a beautiful bay with a blaze on the forehead, went out a few minutes later. Broke from the gate. Or was it that he broke the gate? Any way, he was caught loafing a bit on the backside until he hooked company coming out of the far turn with the likes of Win Win Win. They hooked up at the quarter pole and drew off in impressive fashion. Win Win Win’s trainer, Michael Trombelleta, remarked that he remembers his horse doing something similar at Churchill Downs in the Spring. But Blitzen didn’t seem to mind the company. On the way back to the reindeer barn, he was bouncing and squealing. Santa said he was “perfect.”