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Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs

Known as the home of the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks, Churchill Downs Racetrack conducts Thoroughbred horse racing in Louisville, Kentucky during three race meets in the Spring, September, and the Fall. Thoroughbred racing, the Kentucky Derby, and the Kentucky Oaks have run continuously at Churchill Downs Racetrack since 1875.

“When my mother was just a little girl, some 80-odd years ago, she rode her bicycle around the dirt track. She probably clocked the distance faster than some horses I have bet on. LOL. But…It was only a matter of time before the world’s most renown racetrack became my “home track.” Only a matter of time.” – Gene McLean

Warren Vans

Equine transportation company owned and operated by 5th generation horsemen. WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN, SO WE KNOW WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM US ON THE ROAD.

“This horse transportation company is truly a family affair, created and now chartered by two brothers who were literally born and raised in the Thoroughbred industry. Would not surprise me a little if they were foaled in a stall next to the pregnant mares. LOL. From the time they were old enough to hold a shank, they have been working with horses, and tutored by one of the best hard boot trainers I have ever known. They learned their lessons well. Today, no-one loves, cherishes or cares for the horse more or better than they do. No. One.” – Gene McLean

Kentucky Thoroughbred Association – Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Association and Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders are a horseman’s group and trade association representing Thoroughbred breeding and racing in Kentucky. Kentucky is the biggest producer of Thoroughbred foals in the world, responsible for 40% of the US foal crop, the largest concentration of stallions, veterinary practices and breeding farms, and is home to the largest yearling and breeding stock sales, premier race meetings at Keeneland, Churchill Downs and Kentucky Downs, and year-round racing at Turfway Park and Ellis Park.

“In 1988, I got the job as the Executive Vice President of the KTA. I was woefully unprepared and overmatched for the assignment. But it was the greatest learning experience of my professional career, and I will always remember some of the best people in the business that I met while there, and have admired ever since. The institution does an amazing job of promoting and enhancing the greatest sport on Earth.” – Gene McLean

Horseshoe Indianapolis

Horseshoe Indianapolis brings you all of the excitement of live Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing seven months out of the year.

“In 2020, right in the midst of the world’s greatest pandemic, I got the opportunity to race a filly at this beautiful racing facility in rural Indiana. I found a gem that matched our horse’s name — Diamond Solitaire. If you have not been to this amazing facility, do yourself and go. The people treat you with Grad 1 hospitality and respect. The racing is some of the best in the country. And, the facility is absolutely beautiful. Racing, truly, as it was meant to be.” – Gene McLean

“The only place you need to go for all of your handicapping tools and products. Their numbers are the best. Their comments are the best. Their variables are the best. Their statistics are the best. If you are going to bet your hard-earned money, why would you not rely on the best information there is? I do. Every single day.” – Gene McLean

“The best online betting platform in the Thoroughbred industry. Made my handicappers and horse people for handicappers and horse people. I invest here. And, the only thing I have to worry about is whether or not I have handicapped correctly and wagered accordingly. I never have to worry about being there. They always are.” – Gene McLean

Turfway Park

“The ‘New & Improved’ Turfway Park just finished its’ Winter-Spring Meet and it could not have gone any better. New riders. New trainers. New horses. New enthusiasm. And, new investment. Since Churchill Downs purchased the Northern Kentucky track, it has already installed a new Tapeta surface on one track, and has plans to build a traditional “dirt oval” inside of it. Construction has begun on the new grandstand and clubhouse. Wow. The designs is amazing. And, the track is sure to have the latest and greatest venue for Historical Horse Racing machines. It will be a racing fan’s destination location. Great things coming. Stay tuned.” – Gene McLean

Oak Grove Racing, Gaming & Hotel

“When Churchill Downs won the license to build a new Standardbred racetrack and adjoining HHR venue and hotel, the parent company pledged that it would spend millions to create a world-class racing facility and gaming operation. The best new Standardbred track and gaming operation in all of the land. At the same time, Churchill Downs pledged to spend thousands in marketing dollars to help build a fan base and a total tourist attraction. Check. Check. And, check. This addition to the Kentucky racing circuit will pump millions of dollars; hundreds of new jobs; and new life and enthusiasm into the Standardbred industry and help save that breed from extinction. It is truly amazing.” – Gene McLean

Exacta Systems

Exacta Systems was founded in 2012 to answer a growing market need: fresh, innovative thinking and product development in an exciting new entertainment business known as Historical Horse Racing.

We are investing in the future of horse racing by bringing to market an unprecedented line of electronic games capable of delivering a great player experience and a welcome business uplift for racing – millions of dollars of documented direct revenue benefits for authorizing states, track operators, horse owners, trainers, breeders and other vital industry stakeholders.

Lyster Racing

It’s a tough time to get started in the racing business, but Kentucky has its share of young trainers. Stephen Lyster, a 26-year-old Kentucky native with a small stable at Keeneland and a family background in the business, said he wanted a challenge, and he got it. Lyster is the son of Warren Lyster, who owns Tarleton Farm near Paris, Ky., and the nephew of Wayne Lyster, who operates Ashview Farm near Versailles, Ky., and is a former chairman of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. After Warren Lyster gave up training, his son began overseeing the racehorses.

Deerfield Farm LLC

Deerfield Farm is a horse-riding facility offering world-quality education to the greater Seattle area. Deerfield Farm is a simple family owned farm built by the owners over the past 35 years.
However, don’t let the simplicity of the facility fool you. Deerfield Farm is a private, full service equestrian facility nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, just outside of Issaquah, Washington.

We service a large area that includes Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Snoqualmie and North Bend Washington.

While we are known for our world class competitive riding program, we thrive on teaching horseback riding lessons to children and adults of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you have never ridden a day in your life or you have been taking lessons for years, we invite people of all skill levels to join our Deerfield community. Our riding lessons are popular with children and adults alike, and we offer opportunities for all to ride.

Kentucky Downs

Check out our new The Mint Gaming Hall!

Located near the Kentucky and Tennessee border, just off Interstate 65 and approximately 35 miles from Nashville, Tenn., Kentucky Downs features Historical Horse Racing gaming terminals and conducts live turf racing each September on America’s only “European-style” race course while offering among the highest purses in the world. Kentucky Downs is a pioneer in modern Historical Horse Racing, the electronic form of pari-mutuel betting on horses that has become one of the great financial success stories in the sport’s history. Racing has been conducted at the facility since 1990, when it was called Dueling Grounds.

Address: 5629 Nashville Road, P.O. Box 405, Franklin, KY 42135
Phone: 270.586.7778
2021 racing dates: Sept. 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 12

Ellis Park

Ellis Park is owned and operated by Ellis Entertainment, a subsidiary of Laguna Development Corporation based out of New Mexico. Built by the Green River Jockey Club as Dade Park in 1922, Ellis Park is located in Henderson just south of Evansville, Ind., on the only sliver of Kentucky north of the Ohio River. The track was renamed Ellis Park in 1954 for long-time owner James C. Ellis, who bought Dade Park out of bankruptcy in its early years. The second-oldest racetrack in Kentucky behind Churchill Downs, Ellis Park has withstood the devastating Ohio River flooding in 1937 and a horrific tornado in 2005.