A Day at the Spa

A Day At Saratoga

Opening day at Saratoga is finally here. The 2017 Saratoga Racing Meet will kick off with a bang today at their Opening Day Celebration, and racing will continue until closing day on September 4, 2017. For 7 weeks, fill up your events calendar with a Saratoga vacation, the uber-popular Travers Festival, or a day trip to the track to cheer on your favorite horses. I have no doubt your experience will be top notch, just like mine. Saratoga, we’re ready for ya, again!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel from New York City for a day trip to Saratoga. We spent the entire day at the track, enjoying traditional Saratoga drinks, food and racing events. I liked it so much, I missed the bus ride back to the city, and stayed another day. It was one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve ever seen — rich with history and packed with longtime fans. I’ve seen my fair share of horse tracks, with my Dad,  over the years, and Saratoga ranks at the top for me. I was so happy to experience what my Dad had talked about for years.

One of my favorite places to hang out was the Saratoga Paddock. There, you got a real sense of race day style in New York. Contrary to my assumptions, it’s not much different than Kentucky style. I will admit there are quite a few people who dress more casual for the races at Saratoga, but the folks that go all out, they bring their “A Game.”

I was classic “me,” wearing a dress, comfortable heels, and minimal accessories. I wanted to bring my southern style to Saratoga, with big hair, and bold colors. I opted out of styling a hat for race day, but I recommend a hat any chance you can get. I’ve said this before, but I also recommend a comfortable shoe. If you’re wearing a dress, go for a pair of comfortable wedges. It was so much easier to walk the facilities and around the paddock in comfortable shoes. And don’t forget your sunglasses to keep an eye on your favorite horse or jockey.

Now go win some money, enjoy this beautiful and historic venue, and be in awe of all of the gorgeous fashion statements around you. Saratoga is a one-of-a-kind place, so don’t forget to be one-of-a-kind yourself.

Her cruising gear is so good,” Graham said. “You watch her races from Ellis park and from Churchill, she bounces along on the front end and travels through her races beautifully. She put them to bed turning for home. She did it the right way. She’s a little aggressive but she’s fast.”

James Graham, Rode Serengeti Empress to victory in the G2 Rachel Alexandra

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