(Angel of Empire, third in this year’s Kentucky Derby / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

It has been an interesting few weeks since the Kentucky Derby and now a full week since the 2nd Jewel of the Triple Crown at the Preakness Stakes last Saturday.

Per usual, our friend, ally and photo genius — Holly M. Smith — has been making the rounds at Churchill Downs to catch up and catch a few glimpses of some of the best equine athletes on the backside.

Here’s a few of her looks:

Set Piece: 

Miss Riddler: 

Promise Keeper: 

New Year’s Eve: 

New Year’s Eve & Miss Riddler: 

Set Piece: 

Classic Causeway: 

Classic Causeway: 

Hit Show: 

Little Prankster & Warrior Johnny: 


Best Actor: 

Angel of Empire: