(A look at the Churhcill Downs’ turf course on Saturday morning / All Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

It was a bit cooler on Saturday than the previous 24 hours. Temps dropped, oh, about, let’s say, 50 degrees from Friday’s high to the Saturday low.

It was a bit wetter, too. Snow dropped, as well. Let’s say, oh, enough to cover the grass and cover the warm-hearted.

It was, as some would say, a bit on the nasty side. Let’s say, oh, enough to send most fair-weathered fans and photographers to the friendly confines of the clocker’s stand, the track kitchen, or just the other side of the warm bed.

But it was perfect conditions for our very own Holly M. Smith.

She turned out just in time to catch the backside work this morning. And, here’s a look at some of her work. As good, as ever. Here’s a sample of her amazing work: