(Knicks Go went in the Lukas Classic / All Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

I have been out of town on business and just now returning to the most amazing place to live — my “old” Kentucky Home. I don’t mind working out of town some. Changes up the pace and the place. But I always truly enjoy that journey “home.” The incredible fly over the greatest and most historic racing venue ever — Churchill Downs. And, the sights and sounds of the chicken frying at moms; the horses galloping at the track; the hustle and bustle of mucking stalls; and the hanging of the feed buckets.

I also enjoy seeing Churchill Downs and all the tracks through the incredible eye and lens of our very own Holly M. Smith. While I may miss some important race dates, she never does. While I may not see some of the most wonderful races, she sees them and she sees the horse. While I may not see the grit and the grind and the heart and the soul, Holly sees it all. Most of all, though, she captures it all.

And, amazingly, she shares those talents and these images with the world. For eternity.

Here’s some of her most amazing photos from this past weekend at Churchill Downs.

Thanks be to Holly:


Wolfe County:


Jockey Joel Rosario:


Jockey James Graham & Happy American & Wedding Vows:

Plainsman — winner of the G3 Ack Ack Stakes:

A Ride of a Different Kind:

Beau Liam:

Plainsman (Again):



And, the Amazing Knicks Go:

Racing As It Was This Saturday:

Independence Hall:


Shared Sense:

More Knicks Go (Because You Can Never Get Enough)

Trainer Steve Asmussen with the family of Dr. J. David “Doc” Richardson & Horse Dr. Perry: