Editor’s Note: 

It is time to take a look at more horses at Churchill Downs, and there’s no better person to show us than our very own Holly M. Smith.

She is an artist with a camera in her hands, and here are some of her finest strokes from this weekend. All photos by Holly M. Smith)

Sunday Morning Coming Down:

(Cave Hill)

(Like the King)

(Ramsey’s Solution)

(Set Piece)

(Adventuring & Royal Prince)

(Change of Control)

(Golden Pal)



(Take Charge Lorin)


(Set Piece)

(Just Might)

(Trainer Michelle Lovell and her crew)

(Cave Hill)

(A roll in the hay, er, dirt)

(Chat time)

Saturday’s Time:



(Bell’s the One & gang)

(Crowd is fun…crowd is good)

(Four Graces)

(Bell’s the One)