(Art Collector heads back to the barn, underneath the canopy of the historic Ellis Park water tower / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

It has been a long 2020. Even for those that make their living with their eyes and with the lens of their cameras — which are always tuned to 20-20, mind you.

But on Sunday, our very own Holly M. Smith (she’s isn’t our very own, but we like to claim title to that title; since she is so darn talented) made the trip to Henderson with her camera in tow just to take a few photos of horses flying around the track at little Ellis Park.

Never mind the heat. And, it was hot.

Never mind the humidity. And, it was sticky.

Never mind the river mosquitos. And, they are always armed and dangerous.

Never mind the mask; the social distancing protocols; the precautions; and the constraints. And, yes, there were many, Governor Andy.

Just take a look at the views.

Never been better. Ever.

All Photos by Holly M. Smith…the best in the business.

The Grand Art Collector:

The Painter / Trainer Tommy Drury

The Flying Lady Kate:

The Record-Smashing Mundaye Call:

Pico d’Oro Is Numero Uno:

A Crazy Kind of Beautiful: 

Don’t Get Too Attached…As In Attachment Rate:

Build It & They Will Come: Big Beautiful Wall:

Sunday’s Divine Queen:

Drop Anchor Has Not Done That Yet 

Long Monday…Aren’t They All?

Necker Island:

Tommy Drury’s “Other Horse” On Sunday / Nee Roo:

And, a “Rowdy” Time Was Had by All…Including Rowdy Yates: