(Gun Runner’s saddle towel / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

The big, beautiful red head made for a nice photo, indeed. Whether he was standing still, and his eye caught yours. Or whether he was running at light speed, his head turning yours.

Gun Runner became a pride and joy of the Winchell Thoroughbred family, who has had so many pride and joys through the years. And, there were so many reasons for both.



In his last race, the Pegasus World Cup, Gun Runner showed the world one last time why his beauty ran so deep and wide. He was part machine, and he was part miracle. He was part art and part muscle. He was part motion and part emotion.

He won that last race, of course. In both glory and style. And, he left for the breeding shed leaving us wanting so much more.

But he left us with two memories that will last a lifetime, to be sure.



Take a look at Holly’s views:

(Gun Runner the week before his try at the Kentucky Derby)

(Gun Runner, on the right, takes command in the Clark Handicap at Churchill Downs)

(Gun Runner could turns heads, to be sure)