(Our very own Holly M. Smith arrived at Keeneland before the sun did. Here are some of her a.m. looks as we get ready for the first rite of Spring in Kentucky — opening of the annual Keeneland meet / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

Holly M. Smith has a love for horses than transcends common sense, some would argue. (Not me, mind you. But some.) Over the weekend, she got up at the crack of dawn — er, well, well before there was any thought of dawn, to be exact — and drove up to Lexington to walk around the track and let her eye and cameras do the talking.

She captured the sun, trying as it might, peek it’s nose over the Eastern eye lid.

She captured some of the world’s greatest Thoroughbreds wake to a hustle and bustle in their barns that served as the daily alarm clock.

She captured some of the horses make their way to the racetrack, and she captured some of the horses after they had made their way to the racetrack.

She captured horses working over the track, head to head; nose to nose; heart to heart.

She captured the sense of the moments; she captured the hearts and souls of what makes crisp Spring mornings in the Commonwealth so special and so kind.

She captured why we love where we live and why we live here.

Here is some of what she captured. All Photos by Holly M. Smith: