Editor’s Note:

It was muddy, up to the gills.

It was raining, sideways at times; downhill at times; in your face, nearly all the time.

It was sloppy.

Racetrack and all those who have to make their way over, through the mud, the blood and the beer, as Johnny Cash may sing in a “Boy Named Sue.”

But it was time for Holly M. Smith, and her handy camera, to go to work.

And, here’s some of the artistry that she grabbed for a lifetime:

Ova Charged: 


Bet the Puppy on a Rainy Day…And, Other Features:

Honor Marie (KY Derby Schooling)

The Days of Lillies & Roses:

And, of course, Hats, Hats, and More Hats: 


Mud Pies and Smiles: 

Pretty Mischievous: 


Ova Charged:

First Mission: 


My Mane Squeeze:

Dynamic Pricing: 

The Sod Squad: 

The Lilly Brigade: 

Lemon Muffin: 

Thorpedo Anna:


Power Squeeze: 

Just F Y I: 

Our Pretty Woman: 

KY Oaks Winner Thorpedo Anna: 

Hitch a Ride, When You Can…

Thorpedo Anna: