(O Besos gets a good view of the racetrack / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(It’s time to get a good view on KY Oaks and Derby contenders / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

It’s coming.

The 2021 Kentucky Derby is coming. This week. Just six days away. This Saturday.

It’s time to start the celebration.

It’s time to start Kentucky Derby Week.

Here’s our looks, from our very own Holly M. Smith, at the horses on the track this morning at Churchill Downs.

Churchill Downs’ Infield Is “Standing” at Attention:

O Besos Looking Pretty:

Rock Your World:

Lava Man Has New Duties These Days:




Harley Is On the Job:

Medina Spirit:

KY Oaks Contender Pauline’s Pearl:

Trainer’s View Point:

Photographer’s View Point:

KY Oaks Contender Clairiere:

Another KY Oaks Contender Coach: