Day Results 8/6-4-0
2020 Overall 56 56/20-18-18
Win % of Top Pick 35.71%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 33.33%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –39-56 69.64%
Top Selection ITM / TP Winter-Sprng 39-56 69.64%
Top Selection Win / TP Winter-Spring 20-56 35.71%
“Key Horses” @ TP Winter-Spring 8-1-3-3 12.50% Win / 87.50% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 8-1-3-3 12.50% Win / 87.50% ITM

We finally had the night that we have been looking for since we started handicapping Turfway Park at the beginning of December. We finally had the luck that we were searching for and handicapping to do. We finally managed to catch a few numbers.

Earlier this week, we switched a few things up.

We went to a new photo for our picks. One that was more reflective of our picks. One that truly depicted how cold we were. Here they are:

(Photos of me and LA on our trip to Iceland last August. It was a bit chilly. Our picks had been “iceberg” like.)

We did more than switch photos for the “selections” peg, though. We went so far as to modify some of our handicapping priorities and numbers. We started to use some new figures and use them more prominently. We started to give more significance to certain times in the race. In short, we mixed up our formula.

We started doing that for the first time on Friday. And, we had 3 winners out of the 8 races.

We did it again on Saturday. And, we had 6 winners out of the 8 races. We also hit for exactas that returned $29.50, $5.20, $22.60, $6.80, and $14.80 for each $1 played.

Now, here’s the disclaimer. We’ve been around the game long enough to know that the “cold times” don’t last, and neither do the “hot ones.” That’s why percentages are always important when you are handicapping. Things average out over time.

On Thursday, we squeaked out 1 winner and that was in the last race.

On Saturday, we had 6.

We are neither that bad, nor our we that good.

But I can tell you that Saturday feels a whole lot better.

See you again on Thursday. But, until our luck changes back, we won’t be switching to these photos:

(We are not that hot. Plus, we are a tad on the superstitious side.)

We are sticking with this one: