Editor’s Note:

One of the hardest jobs that I have these days is picking out which one of Holly’s photos to put on the “Home Page” of The Pressbox. 


I look at one, and I say to myself: “Oh, this is it.”

Until I take a gander at the next one that she sends to me. Then?

The dilemma is on.

If you know me by now, I am a sucker for the beautiful things in life. My wife is one example of that. Beautiful. Inside and out. But I also relish the beauty of so many other things.

Like the beauty of the horse. In full stride. In full effort. In full gear. Holly captures that.

Like the beauty of a sunset. In full recline. In full color. In full retreat. Holly gets that, too.

Like the beauty of a winner’s circle photo. People celebrating both horse and moment. Smiles. Cheers. High Fives. Fun. Holly really gets that.

On Saturday night, Holly got it all. Rolled into one.

Here’s a look:

(Mr. Dumas wins the G3 Commonwealth Turf at Churchill Downs on a beautiful Saturday night / Photos by Holly M. Smith)