(A look at Skylight Training Center / All Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

Do you miss watching the horses in the Spring splash of Kentucky sunlight?

You know what we mean:

The early mornings, when you grab your warm cup of coffee (in my case, it is hot chocolate) and your binoculars and you belly up to the rail and watch horse after horse come by with both a spring in their steps and a smile on their faces.

The breath of both rider and horse seems to fog the air.

The sound of rider encouraging the steed, and the horse responding with a hinny and a little more getty-up.

The smell of the clover springing to life in the grass nearby.

The sight of the stable goats nibbling, and the mysterious movements of the barn cats add to the petting zoo, and the appeal of a barn in full flight.

Remember those sights.

Conjure up those sounds.

This is the time of year when the trainers, hot walkers, grooms and others travel up from their respective winter homes in the deep South and get back to their Kentucky roots.

This is the time of year that us horse lovers relish most.

This is the time of year that we swipe away the midnight dust and roll out of bed hours before normal and tack up for another brisk morning at the racetrack.

This is our time of the year.

Until this year.

On Saturday, photographer Holly M. Smith made it out to the Skylight Training Center in Oldham County to get her “fix.” Her photos will give us our fill for now. And, they remind us of what we miss the most, and what we look forward to soon.

Very soon, please?

Here are her views of the day:

(Holly gets a few looks at horses training at the Skylight Training Center / All Photos by Holly M. Smith)