Oaklawn Park Roving Reporter Steve Higginbothom: Magnum Moon Wins Arkansas Derby

(Steve Higginbothom, middle, works full-time for the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Arkansas as a tireless advocate and representative. He loves Thoroughbred racing and attends Oaklawn Park often / Photo Courtesy of the WBDA Website)

Steve Higginbothom is a great friend of mine, colleague, ally and over-all great guy. The fact that he represents the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Arkansas and doubles as a great Thoroughbred enthusiast are just two of the many reasons I love this guy.

But in my many travels and meetings through the years, I have never met a more endearing, caring and genuine person. It is my honor to call him friend.

Steve is at Oaklawn Park today, and he snapped a few photos and passed along a few important tidbits leading up to the “Festival of Racing” today in Hot Springs, Ark. We will be sharing some of Steve’s top notes and photos today.

Steve’s updated report on the track condition:

“Track seal worked well. Track is in good shape.”


“Clear and cooler. Around 60 (degrees).”

More to come…stay tuned…from our roving reporter on the grounds at Oaklawn Park

(Magnum Moon wins Arkansas Derby / Photo by Steve Higginbothom)

(Magnum Moon in the infield / Photo by Steve Higginbothom)

(Magnum Moon in post parade / Photo by Steve Higginbothom)

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