By Gene McLean

LOUISVILLE, KY (June 30, 2017) – John Austin McDaniel — a well-known musician, songwriter and singer throughout the halls of Country Music, the honky-tonks of Nashville, and the bars and marinas that line the shores of Kentucky Lake — has agreed to create and record some original sounds for “The Pressbox.”


         John Austin, who plays the acoustic guitar in his solo act and also plays with the band known as “Johnny Mac and the Heart Attacks,” has released several CDs to critical acclaim, and has recorded two of his “Live Shows,” while playing with the Waymore Blues. (They are all available on ITunes! And, do yourself a favor and go to listen – and buy!)


The Waymore Blues was the former stage band and studio backups for legendary Country Music Hall of Famer Waylon Jennings, and they still join together today to play with the late Waylon’s son, Shooter Jennings. The band is led by legendary drummer Richie Albright.


“When I purchased a house on the shores of Kentucky Lake several years ago, I didn’t realize that I soon would also acquire some of the best friends this old world could possibly offer,” said Gene McLean, the Founder and Publisher of The Pressbox. “It just so happened that some of these dear, and, now treasured, friends, introduced me to John Austin McDaniel. And, we have become great buds. Seldom a day goes by that we don’t chat on Facebook, text or catch up on where he will be singing and playing next.


“John Austin is a world-class talent, with a downhome demeanor and personality. And, he can pick a guitar and make it sing like it is nobody’s business. I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with for our new website shows, audio recordings and podcasts. All I know is that it will be damn good.”


The original music soundtrack will be utilized to introduce all audio and audio/video shows that appear on the new website –


In addition, as soon as the new The Pressbox studio is fully constructed inside the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society in historic, downtown Louisville, KY., McDaniel will be the first recording guest star to perform “live.” The anticipated opening for the new, private club – dedicated to promoting and highlighting the Thoroughbred industry in the home of The Kentucky Derby – is expected to be in the Summer of 2018.


“I’m looking forward to being a part of this exciting new venture,” said John Austin McDaniel, who tours throughout Kentucky, Tennessee and other states singing his own, original hits, such as “I’ll Still Be Singing Haggard Songs,” and covering other Country Music and Classic Rock ‘n Roll classics. John’s father, Buddy McDaniel, was a legendary guitarist, as well, playing studio for some of the top acts in the history of Country Music before his passing in 2006.


“I’ve been up to Louisville to visit with Gene on a couple of occasions, and I love the City. I’m looking forward to attending my first Kentucky Derby next May, too. From what I’ve seen on TV and the stories I hear from Gene, it is one helluva party and I’m always up for a good party.”


The Pressbox is hoping to introduce the new soundtrack soon after the Fourth of July holidays. Stay tuned for more exciting news on the launch soon.