EQUIRIDE, a recently launched horse transportation company, is disrupting horse transportation as we know it by solving many of the common problems associated with traditional horse transport.

Lexington, Ky EQUIRIDE was developed to fill a hole in the horse racing industry, and so far, it’s a booming success: and not just for racehorse owners. The app is solving problems for all types of horse owners who need transportation services. It uses modern technology to make horse shipping more efficient, convenient, and customizable while providing extra peace of mind to owners and trainers.

“EQUIRIDE was started by two horse-loving guys who are immersed in the racing industry, and we often need horse transport ourselves. We thought about all the ways the process could be improved, and then we did it.” –Stephen Lyster, Co- Founder of EQUIRIDE

EQUIRIDE app users have many options depending on their unique needs. Private Direct, Shared Direct, and Standby horse shipping options are available, and shipping can be one-way or round trip. Users can even choose which stall their horse is placed in on the horse van. EQUIRIDE allows attendants to travel along with the horse if necessary. In addition, EQUIRIDE provides emergency ride options in case a horse needs critical care. EQUIRIDE only employs experienced drivers and top-rated, well-maintained horse trailers and equipment.

EQUIRIDE’s tracking feature, provided automatically to every customer. They can track the location of their horses in real time during transport, and ensure they arrive to the right place at the right time. Safety is a top consideration for EQUIRIDE, and it partners with the HBPA (Horseman’s Benevolent and Protective Association) to provide added safety and peace of mind for owners.

Pricing and payments are another area in which EQUIRIDE makes horse transport easier. The consistent pricing is a feature that many owners appreciate, because in the past, horse van pricing was highly variable on who you asked and when you asked them. In addition, the immediate invoicing, which is

easy to navigate and available within the app, allows for instant and secure payment without the need for traditional, snail-mail billing. In addition, bill splitting is easier than ever: if a horse has multiple owners, each owner can be billed a percentage of the transport costs based on their percentage of ownership.

Equiride has new features and services planned for the future, including a stable move option. Learn more or download the app at www.equirideapp.com.