(Maxfield / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(Letruska, the morning after her win in the G2 Fleur de Lis Stakes at Churchill Downs / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

Normally, Sunday’s are a rather quiet morning at the “big oval” in Louisville. Not as many “workers” on the racetrack. Not as many “workers” in the barn area, either.

Especially on the morning after the last day of the meet.

Normally, that is a quiet day. A recovery day. A day to get the plans set for the next stop on the circus tour. A day to get the horses ready for the next ship; the next track; the next race; the next assignment.

This Sunday, though, was a bit more hectic at Churchill Downs, which did conclude its’ annual Spring / Summer meet on Saturday. There was a bit more hustle. There was a lot more bustle. And, there were horses zigging and zagging their individual ways towards the next appointed race day and time.

Part of the hectic was created by the fact that Churchill Downs plans to begin digging up the old, familiar and green turf course immediately, in order to begin installing a new course that needs to be ready for the start of the Spring Meet next May.

Part of the crazy was caused by the fact that Ellis Park was beginning its’ 32-day race meet today, and many of the Louisville-natives were trying to finish up the morning work in order to make the trip Southwest for the afternoon work at the ole “Pea Patch.”

Part of the lunacy was due to the fact that many of the horses currently stabled on the Churchill Downs’ backside are getting geared up for a travel day to Saratoga or another racetrack in a racing venue nearby. And, the connections wanted to tighten the screws just one more time before heading off to parts unknown.

Whatever the cause, the result was fun and bears watching.

Here’s a few looks…through the eyes and lens of our very own Holly M. Smith:

Horses Look Good in Color & in Black-White:



Like the King:

Ramsey’s Solution:

Goin Good:

Bound for Nowhere:

Field Day:

Golden Pal:

Raven’s Cry:


Change of Control:

Maxfield — the Day After winning the G2 Stephen Foster:

Letruska & Her New “Best Friend”