(A sliver of Silver Prospector is doing some in-person schooling / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

In the beginning, Holly M. Smith was not scheduled — or supposed to be — at Churchill Downs on Thanksgiving Day. She had other plans. She had other places to go. She had other things to do.

But you know what they say?

What the heart wants, the heart does.

What the eyes see, the eyes capture.

What the camera wants to preserve, the camera saves.

So Churchill Downs on Thanksgiving Day, it was for Holly M. Smith, one of the most talented young ladies and photographers to grace the grounds of the historic Twin Spires.

And, it was to our benefit, too.

Here’s a glimpse of her day:


Aurlious Maximus:

Silver Prospector:

Fans Still Attend the Races:

Code of Honor:



Bonnie South: