Editor’s Note:

The sun is surely shining bright today on our new, old, and in-between Kentucky homes. Most assuredly, though, it is shining hope for many of the horses and horse people that are flirting with the idea of being able to win this year’s KY Oaks and/or KY Derby.

Some of the connections were putting in their time at the big oval in Louisville this morning. Our very own Holly M. Smith was there to capture some of the action; some of the pretty; some of the glamour; some of the athletes — both human and horse.

Here’s some of her looks:

Some of the best sights and scenes of the Churchill Downs’ backside:

KY Derby Hopeful Dynamic One:

More Action:

Known Agenda is getting attention:

Could Helium “air” them? OK, too much?

The Beauty that is Churchill Downs: