(Some of the hail that was associated with the storms that hit West Kentucky over the Memorial Day weekend / Photo by Gene McLean)

Editor’s Note:

For a few days, we were down, if not out.

After a series of horrific storms, high winds and some tornados that spun up near us at “McLean Communications West” — better known as our Lake abode — we have been without power, water, electricity and all other essentials of life. Including, but not limited to, air conditioning. Which is an essential these days for a fat, old man.

Due to the kindness and generosity of friends and some neighbors, we were able to secure the services of a generator to power the refrigerator and some other key household appliances, but we ran out of service for our battery, backed-up WiFi, too.

In other words, we were down to our last silver dollar. And, we could only use our telephone “Hot Spot” for the internet after we charged the phone by running the car.

In other words II? We didn’t have a lot of posts that we could make this week, including handicapping for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We are sorry that we were not able to keep you fully updated, and for any inconvenience we may have been associated with over your brilliant Holiday weekend.

But we are back.

Thanks to the hard work of the linesmen and lines-women at West Kentucky Electric, we had power restored last night. Thanks be to good people, who are found in abundance in West Kentucky and during times of stress and strife.

We are looking forward to getting charged back up this week.

Hope you are, too.