(Covfefe wanted to nibble on her garland of Breeders’ Cup flowers / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

On Friday and Saturday, the beautiful fillies Covfefe and British Idiom got to show the entire world of Thoroughbred racing their better sides. Sides that trainer Brad Cox teaches his prized pupils to turn to the crowd when they come looking. Sides that the riders love to pat and the world loves to bet. Sides that the rivals have come to expect and respect.

They showed the world and the horses — that found their way behind them — their respective back sides.

On Friday, the undefeated British Idiom won the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies at Santa Anita.

Not to be outdone, her older and more established roommate, Covfefe, won the Breeders’ Cup Fillies & Mares Sprint.

All of the other horses in both of those races got a good view of the back side, too.

On Sunday, they were back home.

On the backside of Churchill Downs.

A double set of garlands were hung over the shed row wall.

A double of oats and sweet feed were dumped into the bucket.

A true daily double of two of the best fillies in the world.

Here’s a look at their return to the barn of trainer Brad Cox through the eyes and lens of our very own Holly M. Smith, who was right there to catch them in all of their glory:

(British Idiom catches your eye, as she stares out of her stall at Churchill Downs / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

(Covfefe and her assistant trainer Jorje Abrego enjoy a relaxing moment in their home place at Churchill Downs / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(Covfefe has a blaze that will catch your attention almost as fast as her blazing fractions / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

(The flowers have not faced / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

(Covfefe shows all her sides on Sunday / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(The final furlong / Photo by Holly M. Smith)