(Trainer Wesley Ward / Coady Photography)

Avery Jane Disqualified / Trainer Wesley Ward Fined — Suspended By Order of Kentucky Stewards:

(Transcript from the ruling)

Upon receipt of notification from Industrial Laboratories, the official testing laboratory for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and confirmed at Texas A & M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, sample number E418071 taken from AVERLY JANE, who finished first in the ninth race at Churchill Downs on April 28, 2021 contained Metformin in blood (Class 8). After a formal hearing before the Board of Stewards Wesley A. Ward is hereby suspended THIRTY (30) days and fined FIVE HUNDRED ($500.00) DOLLARS. Due to mitigating circumstances (number of violations in relation to overall record), FIFTEEN (15) days are to be served from January 26, 2022 through February 9, 2022 (inclusive). The remaining FIFTEEN (15) days are stayed on the condition that no Class A or Class 8 medication violation occurs in any racing jurisdiction within 365 days from the date of this ruling. AVERLY JANE is disqualified and all purse money forfeited. Pari-mutuel wagering is not affected by this ruling. During his suspension Mr. Ward is denied the privileges of all facilities under the jurisdiction of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. Entry of all horses owned or trained by Mr. Ward is denied pending transfer to persons acceptable to the stewards. Upon receipt of this ruling, it is required within thirty (30) days to pay any and all fines imposed to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.

Failure to do so will subject the licensee to summary suspension of KAR 3:020 Section 15 (cc).