(A historic, antique bar has been set into place, and bolted down. Restoration and addition to begin this week at the Louisville Thoroughbred Society / Photo by Mike Schnell)

A historic, wooden bar — which was originally constructed decades ago, and most recently acquired by Founding Member Mike Schnell from a former bar operation on Market Street — has now been officially relocated and set into its’ new home at “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.”

The antique structure will be completely refinished, refurbished, and will be extended, as well, to accommodate a premium product barroom in the upscale “Cigar Room” at the new private club that is scheduled to open later this year.

A brass foot-rail will be added at the base, and work is now underway to identify the perfect roommate — a historic, “smoked” mirror that will hang on the brick wall behind the revitalized piece of furniture.

Antique lighting fixtures and restored wooden book cases; polished, old wooden floors; leather couches and individual seating furnishings will be comfortably situated throughout this portion of the membership-only facility — at the North entrance to the building and conveniently located just off Washington Street.

A walk-in humidor, which will be about 400 square feet in space, has already been framed up and work will soon be done to complete this new addition, as well.

This space will provide both members and guests with one of the largest, walk-in humidors in the entire region, and will provide plenty of space for customers to peruse, search and purchase some of world’s finest blends and premium cigars.

As soon as the adjacent parking garage is completed to its full height — and construction is currently underway — a spectacular “Cigar Pavilion” will be constructed on the new rooftop and will provide year-round accommodations for those wishing to enjoy a puff or two.

The “Pavilion” — which will be accessible from the back of “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s” premises and close to the Washington Street entrance to the property — will be equipped with an expansive, decorative gas-burning fireplace; seating areas and other amenities, as well.

Once open, the “Cigar Bar,” will feature some of the world’s finest bourbons, Scotch’s, and other rare and hard-to-find, souvenir products.

Some of the bourbons will come from Mike Schnell’s private collection, which he has been acquiring the past several years. Soon, the old bar will be ready for operation yet again and will be reunited with new barkeeps and customers.

To find out more how you can become a member of the “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society,” and can take advantage and enjoy all of the accommodations, amenities and services that the new club will provide and offer, please visit our website at:


You can access our membership link and fill out all the necessary forms to join immediately. Membership will be capped for the first phase of the new club.

The “LTS” facility will be situated on the second floor of the Hughes Lofts, which is located at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville — and just a block from the revitalized “Whiskey Row.”

Plans are for the club to be open and fully operational by the Fall of 2019.

Come take a look. You will be glad that you did.

(Workers are framing in the humidor in “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s” new “Cigar Bar / Photo by Mike Schnell)