(A rustic iron horse sculpture is one of the art pieces recently added to the LTS’ “Library.”)

Editor’s Note:

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is now entering the home stretch. And, it is beginning to feel a lot like “home,” too.

The final touches of paint are being added each day.

The trim work is being fitted.

The name plates are being attached to the restroom doors.

The barn doors that separate the LTS’ “Library” and “Diner” rooms have now been hung.

The betting stands — which will host the stand-alone, self-service terminals — have now been relocated to the LTS’ “Main Floor.” On Monday, the tote equipment will start to be installed.

The chandelier’s are being adorned with crystal spirals.

And, the hand-made, Spanish Cedar “Humidor” has now been completely trimmed out and the moisturizing system has been installed.

Over the next three weeks, construction work on the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion,” the “Diner” and the “Outdoor Terrace” will be completed and the facility will be ready for its opening the first of August.

It has been an amazing project over the past 4 years. There have been good days and tough ones, to be sure. But The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is entering the home stretch. We are kicking for home and the wire. We are gaing on the finish line — each and every day.

Starting next week, we will be hosting a series of “Sneak Peaks.” Contact our Director of Membership, Hayley Amoss, and set up your time to come and get a first-hand look.

We know one thing. We will pass the “eye test.”

The building is remarkable.

The interior design is amazing.

The look and feel are “home.”

We are about ready for you.

(The LTS’ “Library” is nearly completed, and the book shelves will soon be stuffed with a “private collection” of historic sales’ catalogues that have been donated to the club and for member’s to utilize.)

(Furnishings have been moved in. Some of the art work and wall mountings have started to be erected, too)

(Members and guests will be able to use the “Library” for a more private setting to enjoy lunch, as well)

(Some of the accessories have now been added to the LTS’ “Library,” too)

(Rustic artwork will make the “Library” both horse-themed and inviting)

(There is still more to come, but the room is ready for visitors and tours now)

(Room got a quick cleaning and the floor a thorough mopping this week)

(The betting stands have now been delivered to the LTS, and installation will begin on Monday)

(The hand-built LTS’ “Humidor” — carved entirely from Spanish Cedar — has now been fully installed. Only the cigars are missing)

(Final brick work is being completed on the LTS’ “Diner”)

(New concrete has now been poured in the basement and is ready for final office space to be erected)

(The entrance foyer to the Hughes Lofts building — and the home of the LTS — is getting completely refurbished. The old, historic tin ceiling has been reapplied and painted. A new class enclosure dresses up the common area to the building and gives direction to the South Elevator — off of Main Street)

(The final concrete trim work is being added to the front of the Hughes Lofts. We have now entered the final phase of construction era)