(The doors are about to open soon. Are you ready?)

Editor’s Note:

The doors to The Louisville Thoroughbred Society will soon be open. Officially. Welcomingly. And…Amazingly.

Over the next few weeks, the finishing touches will be added to the premium, upscale private membership club that will be dedicated to providing a first-class experience for all Thoroughbred racing and breeding enthusiasts.

Over the next month, we will be making plans and announcements regarding the long-awaited “grand” opening to the “grandest” of facilities in downtown Louisville.

Over the next few months, our team will be adding to our membership roles and rolling out some of the finest amenities that one could ask for in a private setting. Private events. Private dinners. Private wine and bourbon selections. Private parties. Plenty of parties. For all members and their guests.

The “Library” is nearly completed. Only the blinds and the area rugs are needed.

The “Main Bar” is now being equipped with high definition television monitors and state-of-the-art sound equipment. The brackets for the chandeliers are going up this week.

The “Cigar Bar” — made just for the Bourbon aficionado — soon will be stocked with some of the most rare and finest aged whiskeys in all the land. Founding Member Mike Schnell is already hand-picking the selections.

The walk-in “Humidor” — crafted of only Spanish Cedar — is ready for the best leafs twirled into the best cigars to be delivered and offered for sale. The center island is all that needs to be finished — with a carrot top of granite.

The private “Cigar Lockers” are being leased quickly to existing, new and incoming members. Hot. Cakes. Going. Fast.

The “Terrace” is getting planters and concrete tiles. The “Conservatory” is about ready to be enclosed. The “Diner” is nearing completion.

The region’s largest and finest “Cigar Pavilion” is now fully under construction. Large steel beams were lifted and then lowered into the final resting spot on Monday. Large heating and air units will be installed on the roof. Smoke exhaust units will be equipped.

Soon, the Cuban-styled facility will be home to those that want to enjoy a fine cigar at the end of a business day — Denny Crane-style.

And, the upcoming Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby — which will be held on the first weekend of September this year — is just around the corner; the bend; the two turns, so to speak.

Come take a look. Get a tour. Join our party.

We think you will love it.

Here’s just a sneak peek at the final stages:


(The wall on the outside of the “LTS Outdoor Diner Area” has now been completely bricked.)

(The steel was air-lifted to the roof of the “LTS Cigar Pavilion” on Monday. The last of the construction is fully underway)

(Conduit that will carry all the IT connection to the state-of-the-art Audio/Video room has now been run. Soon, it will be connected)

(The hallway to the “LTS’ Diner” has now been completely drywalled and enclosed. Ready for members and guests soon)

(Insulation is now going in the “LTS Diner.” Soon, the drywall, ceiling and floor will be finished out.)

(Cement tiles will be laid on the “LTS Terrace” very soon. A “planter” will separate the main area from the outdoor dining area and the “LTS Diner.”)

(The fire escape from the “LTS Terrace” is now going in)

(The decorative doorway and wall has been framed up around the freight elevator in the “LTS Cigar Bar”)

(Finishing touches on the windows is underway and the front foyer is being readied for a remake of the historical tile flooring)

(The North Elevator, which is closest to Washington Street, is now fully enclosed and ready for operation)