Race 1: 2-3-1

Second back off extended layoff & drops extensively. Either wins or finishes last. I go with win.

Race 2: 2-3-1-4

Big mud marks on the top two, but I give the edge to Asmussen, who has a 0.21 win percentage on first off claim.

Race 3: 3-4-6-2-8

Big mud mark on the 3 for Flint-Lanerie because jockey Corey Lanerie has never been better. The 4 must switch from turf to dirt, but still looks good.

Race 4: 5-8-2-1-4

I’ll take the speed first here on Race 4. My top four are all speed.

Race 5: 10-8-2-3-1-9-7

Love the 10 here, who gets my “dot play.” Key with others over & under. Horizontally speaking, key 10 in pick 3s & 4s.

Race 6: 12-8-1-5-10-11-6-7

Double dot on the 12. Another key horse; play others under $ over in exotics.

Race 7: 9-6-7-5-2-3/4

Love the 9 here with a dot. Box the top two choices and play over and under the rest.

Race 8: 4-9-2-7-5-1

Romans may be tough here with two horses, but I am going to put Brad Cox on top! You can get the 4 at 12-1 morning line. Don’t leave out the 5 here! Very hot trainer & jockey.

Race 9: 8-4-10-2-5

Wow, what a race! Go with the 8 here, who got a much needed race at Keeneland in this highly contested field. Chad Brown is, well, Chad Brown so you have to use the 4. 10 is great off layoffs and 2 LOVES this grass. Justin Mott’s horse can strike at any moment.

Race 10: 1-4-8-1A

Wesley Ward all day! Key the 1.

Race 11: 10-11-1

All button! Seriously, all button. But, I’d advise you to key 10-11-1.