THURBY: Gene’s Tips for a Rainy Day at Churchill

Race 1: 2-3-1

Second back off extended layoff & drops extensively. Either wins or finishes last. I go with win.

Race 2: 2-3-1-4

Big mud marks on the top two, but I give the edge to Asmussen, who has a 0.21 win percentage on first off claim.

Race 3: 3-4-6-2-8

Big mud mark on the 3 for Flint-Lanerie because jockey Corey Lanerie has never been better. The 4 must switch from turf to dirt, but still looks good.

Race 4: 5-8-2-1-4

I’ll take the speed first here on Race 4. My top four are all speed.

Race 5: 10-8-2-3-1-9-7

Love the 10 here, who gets my “dot play.” Key with others over & under. Horizontally speaking, key 10 in pick 3s & 4s.

Race 6: 12-8-1-5-10-11-6-7

Double dot on the 12. Another key horse; play others under $ over in exotics.

Race 7: 9-6-7-5-2-3/4

Love the 9 here with a dot. Box the top two choices and play over and under the rest.

Race 8: 4-9-2-7-5-1

Romans may be tough here with two horses, but I am going to put Brad Cox on top! You can get the 4 at 12-1 morning line. Don’t leave out the 5 here! Very hot trainer & jockey.

Race 9: 8-4-10-2-5

Wow, what a race! Go with the 8 here, who got a much needed race at Keeneland in this highly contested field. Chad Brown is, well, Chad Brown so you have to use the 4. 10 is great off layoffs and 2 LOVES this grass. Justin Mott’s horse can strike at any moment.

Race 10: 1-4-8-1A

Wesley Ward all day! Key the 1.

Race 11: 10-11-1

All button! Seriously, all button. But, I’d advise you to key 10-11-1.

I really have to thank the owners with this horse and my brother, Dennis, who helped us pick out this horse. In his last couple of races, he got really worked up in the paddock and didn’t run to his best effort. We know he likes to travel and I have to thank our groom and exercise rider for coming out here early with him and getting acclimated to the track. I’m not sure what we’ll do next with him. I see myself nudging up to some adult beverage tonight then thinking about where we go next. We were very optimistic with him all along and to see him put it together was great. We went through a bit of a funky phase with him and had some traffic troubles in his last couple of races.”

Doug O’Neill, Trainer of PAVEL (winner)
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