Editor’s Note: Since switching his profile photo from the “fun-loving” purple, Breeders’ Cup suit to his more traditional, professional “look,” my great friend has struggled with the handicapping at Saratoga (his admissions) Being the superstitious type that I am, I think it is time for Ryan to return to the fan’s choice to see if his luck returns. What say you?

By Ryan Dickey:

Another unsuccessful day of betting Saratoga has come and gone, and we limp into the Sunday card. But like the invigorating natural spring water wells in Saratoga Springs, New York, today I have something that is good for what ails you.


I’m not trying to pick any winners at the Spa today. I’m going to leave that up to my fellow compatriots.


Each day of the meet, I handicap the entire Saratoga card, then I chart between a dozen and fifteen “public handicapper” selections to try to gauge where the wagering dollars will be going on a race-by-race basis.


Today, I’m skipping the handicapping part altogether (my choices finished third and second respectively yesterday — although I did hit a trifecta that paid less than $11) — and will simply present the consensus plays from the handicappers selections that I charted.

Can’t do much worse than I have so far, so here goes (pre-scratches):

RACE 1- 7-4-1-5

RACE 2- 2-4-8-5

RACE 3- 6-4-7-1

RACE 4- 5-4-7-8

RACE 5- 6-4-2-5

RACE 6- 8-2-3-5

RACE 7- 1-2-9-4

RACE 8- 8-11-10-2

RACE 9- 8-4-10-6

RACE 10- 8-2-3-6

RACE 11- 10-11-8-3

Best of luck!