Ryan Dickey

About Ryan Dickey

How many people have the courage and passion to quit their job of 17 years; pack up all of their belongings; and moved to another state to follow their dreams? Well, we want you to meet Ryan Dickey, “The Pressbox’s” newest addition, and latest friend. The man is on a mission. And, we are delighted to have him join our team to hep make that “Mission Possible.” For the past 17 years, Dickey worked as a decorated firefighter and first responder for the Dearborn, MI Fire Department. All the while, though, he has been a fan of Thoroughbred racing and breeding. Nearly every day, you could find Ryan on a number of different social media platforms, chatting and discussing the world of Thoroughbreds. And, he developed quite a following and a reservoir of friends and supporters. Dickey has been a writer for such websites as DanonymousRacing.com; BetAmerica; ShapperDaCapper; USRacing.com; Horse Canada and others. His photographs have appeared in many other periodicals and online racing and breeding services. Ryan will be providing us with handicapping expertise, advice and counsel, along with other services — including promotions, advertising and sponsorships.